The Story Of Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith knew everything. From the history of the Earth, to the future of its inhabitants. He would only have to look into your eyes to know who you were, where you came from and where you were going.

But Mr. Smith could not reveal any of his knowledge. When he attempted to communicate, he could only produce a mild hissing sound at the back of his mouth. This was not because total knowledge is inexpressible. It may be indescribable - for description depends on mutual language, and language depends on understanding already acquired - but it is not inexpressible. Expression can establish its own inherent universal system of communication.

Mr. Smith's inability to communicate his knowledge was not because that, in labelling, one may limit and thus negate meaning. Nor even because he knew that true knowledge and wisdom come from experience and internalisation, and not mere information alone. No, Mr. Smith made his gentle hissing sound, like a single quiet snore, because he was a tortoise.

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