Bad Day In Araboth

“What’s this all about Gavriel?”

“You know damn well what this is about, Nahash. He’s not happy. Not happy at all.”

“He’s never happy,” Nahash said, “Everything He makes goes wrong. He needs to stop with the endless tinkering.”

“That’s exactly the kind of talk that’s got you here right now,” Raph said.

“I’m just saying, maybe if He learnt to love himself a bit more first-”

“Shut up Nahash!” Gavriel said.

“Come on Gavriel,” Nahash replied, “He’s always trying so hard to impress everybody, to show how awesome He is. But at the same time He’s like: ‘You’re all so small and stupid. Please love me!’ Seriously, dude’s got issues.”

“I said shut up!”

“Both of you take it easy,” Raph said, “Mike’ll be here soon. He’ll get things straight.”

“What’s to get straight? I didn’t do anything.”

“That’s not what we heard,” Gavriel said.

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