Elliot Manches is a film director, consultant ethnographer, and sometimes a writer and photographer.
Ranked amongst the ‘Editor’s Choice’ by Channel 4’s 4Talent, Elliot has had his award-winning music videos and fiction films shown on MTV, National Geographic, and at the Edinburgh International Film Festival’s Showcase For New British Talent, BAFTA and Sundance. 
As an ethnographer, Elliot researches how people live, to help with the design of products and services. He has produced a wide range of revealing documentaries for various major clients, from high-tech companies to government bodies and medical organisations. He is also an industry-qualified journalist, published at The Independent.
Elliot has lived, worked and travelled across Europe and the Americas, not to mention stints in the Middle East. Along the way, he learnt a lot teaching kids numeracy, literacy and guitar in Guatemala and Bolivia, and hung out with the Zapatistas as a Human Rights Observer in the Mexican Jungle.
Elliot is also co-founder of Film For Humanity - an organisation providing free filmmaking workshops, to bring people together and share stories. Resulting films regularly appear on BBC and ITV online.
Despite a meandering adolescence, Mrs. Champion had Elliot pegged, aged 6.about_elliot.html